Saturday, April 26, 2008

Visual Reflections on the April 25th-26th ANiC Conference

Dear friends in Christ,

It was a real joy to spend time, as Common Cause Partners, with our Anglican Network friends on the April 25th-26th 2008 Conference held at South Delta Baptist Church.
Bishop Donald Harvey and Archdeacon Charlie Masters have been working with great dedication in helping Anglicans across Canada to step into a new level of freedom with the Global South.

We are very much looking forward to the ordination tomorrow Sunday April 27th 6:30pm at St John's Shaughnessy of Jim Salladin, shown here with another Regent College grad, the Rev Ken Bell, Rector of St Timothy's North Vancouver (ACiC). Jim preached at our St. Simon's NV congregation two years ago, and now leads the Sunday evening St John's service.

We were also pleased to have Archbishop Yong Ping Chung, one of our AMiA/ACiC sponsoring primates, present for the entire conference. Standing next to Archbishop Yong is the Rev Stephen Leung, Rector of Church of the Good Shepherd who walked out of New West Synod 2002 with us almost six years ago. Stephen+ was just relicensed today along with dozens of other ANiC clergy by Bishop Donald Harvey and Archbishop Greg Venables of the Southern Cone.

The Rev Dr JI Packer, author of the best-selling book 'Knowing God', was also relicensed today. His courageous theological leadership over the past number of decades at Regent College is deeply appreciated. The Anglican Studies Program at Regent College has proved to be a real god-send in this time of Anglican transition and realignment.

Bishop Charles Dorrington of the Reformed Episcopal Church was among many bishops and archbishops who joined us for this historic conference. The Reformed Episcopal Church in Canada recently celebrated their 133rd anniversary of realigning towards biblical orthodoxy. The REC are vital partners in the emerging Common Cause Federation.

The prolific Anglican reporter David Virtue with Virtueonline was present interviewing key leaders like Archbishop Venables and Dr JI Packer.

Bishop Albert Vun of the Diocese of Sabah, where Archbishop Yong was the predecessor, spoke about the remarkable church growth and evangelism being experienced in South East Asia.

We were also grateful for strong Common Cause Partners being there like Bishop John Guernsey of Uganda/USA, Bishop Bill Murdoch of Kenya/USA, and Dean Bill Thompson of the Anglican Communion Network.

Bishop Suffragan Malcolm Harding led two of our 21 St. Simon's NV Renewal Missions, as well as our BC Christian Ashram Retreat. He is standing beside a longterm friend, retired Bishop Len Whitten of Newfoundland.

The closing service, which had 1,100 to 1,200 people present, left many of us with tears of joy and expressions of deep thanksgiving. God is continuing to give faithful Anglicans a deeper realization of Jesus' John 17 prayer that we may be one for the sake of mission.

All in all, a great Kingdom weekend.

In Christ, Ed Hird+
Communications Director
Anglican Coalition in Canada/AMiA (Common Cause Federation)

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